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The Vietnam War Books web site is dedicated to the men and women who served, fought, and died for their country during the Vietnam War.

Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans!

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Especially Dedicated To Those Still Missing-In-Action
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The National POW/MIA Recognition Day is the third Friday of every September
but they should be remembered every day
until all are accounted for
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The Vietnam War Books site can be a resource for anyone desiring to learn more about the Vietnam War by providing a list of books about the war.   It is far from complete and will probably never be able to list every book written about the war.

Due to the number of titles we have listed (over 650), the staff of the Vietnam War Books site is not able to provide any type of serious reviews but there are a number of other Web sites that provide that service. However, we do want to inform you of the numerous titles that have been published.

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The Vietnam War Books site has been on the Internet since 1997. We were on the Geocities free web site for many years but thanks to the generosity of FAM Technology LLC., a Hawaii-based company that focuses on technology and business services, we have our own domain name and real web hosting. They believe in what we are doing and continue to assist us in administering the Vietnam War Books site.

The Vietnam War Books site is run by volunteers known as The Pines Group. We do not sell anything on this site but we hope to have this web site become self-sustaining through monetary gifts and affiliate purchases.

If you desire, you may send monetary contributions to help defray our web-related expenses.

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